Friday, November 18, 2011

Pet Euthanasia At Home New Port Richey

Dr. LeighAnn with Bindy
Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and In Home Euthanasia is proud to announce that Dr. Leigh Ann Littlejohn has joined the organization to bring our services to the New Port Richey, Florida region. 

Dr. Leigh Ann is a native Floridian and grew up in Palm Harbor. She attended the University of Florida for both her undergraduate degree and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (Go Gators). Immediately after graduating from vet school, Dr. Leigh Ann attended the Chi Institute in Ocala Florida where is became a a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist.

"As far back as elementary school, I can remember wanting to become a veterinarian even though my other options included pizza maker or hair stylist." Littlejohn says, "Growing up, we had many great dogs but I would say the one most special to my heart was my Australian Shepard, Tucker. He provided me with many excellent “hands-on” educational opportunities throughout his life such as treating skin diseases and seizures to unfortunately cancer. I also credit Tucker for exposing me to a branch of veterinary medicine that was not too common, TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine). This discipline used herbals and acupuncture to completely cure him of epilepsy (seizures). I did not understand how TCVM worked, but knew that it had saved my dog’s life and that I needed to learn more about it."

Dr. Mary Gardner and Dr. Leigh Ann Littlejohn
Dr. Littlejohn also happens to be one of Dr. Mary Gardner 's vet school classmates and best friends .... and is a wonderful addition to the team! To learn more about Dr. Leigh Ann- click here for her whole biography.

If you know anyone in the area - please let them know about this option for their pets.

Leigh Ann Littlejohn, DVM, CVA
(727) 478-4107

About Lap of Love:
Lap of Love is a group of compassionate veterinarians that provide peaceful veterinary hospice and euthanasia in the home. We empower owners to help care for their geriatric or terminally ill pets in an environment most comfortable for them. 

To learn more about Pet Hospice - click here.  
To learn more about In Home Euthanasia - click here


  1. Lap of Love vets!!! I am SO happy to read of all the new vets who have joined such a great calling and cause!! To me, your compassionate caring, should be available universally! So many people who I've spoken to, promoting Lap of Love, never knew that service was available. Losing Lillian, my 15 yr old Dalmatian about 4 mos ago, was much easier, with Dr. Dani's assistance. It's an experience I'll ALWAYS remember the rest of my life! I'm forever grateful for all the compassion and caring Dr. Dani extended for my loss! Since I will continue to rescue pups, when that time comes again....I know I have a caring group of vets who I can depend on!! Much success to all of you! Claudia and Olivia

  2. Dr. Littlejohn (Leigh Ann) is the BEST!! I love that we share the TCM part of the V- TCM medicine and it helped her dog when it had seizures. I would love to make a donation to Lap of Love, New Port Richey, FL, if possible, in memory of a loved animal in our family....Emma.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      I'm so sorry for your loss but you did have an angel of a vet help you - Dr. Littlejohn. She is a dear friend of mine and a blessing to have in our group.

      Please feel free to contact Dr. Dani McVety ( for information about donations in your area.

      Dr Mary


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