Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dani McVety on Talking Animals

Dr. Dani McVety on 'Talking Animals'  WMNF 88.5 FM

Our very own Dr. Dani McVety was live in the radio studio on January 25th as the guest speaker on WMNF 88.5 FM's show "Talking Animals" (Tampa/St. Pete Florida area). 

She spoke about the growing trend in veterinary medicine, pet hospice... and helping families with their geriatric or terminally ill pet. Dr. Dani also discussed end-of-life options and answered a few callers' questions!

If you missed it - go to this link below and click the link "Click Here To Listen Again" :

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Mary Gardner, DVM
Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and In-Home Euthanasia

Friday, January 27, 2012

Do Dogs and Cats Grieve

Do Dogs and Cats Grieve when they lose a furry friend?

This is a question that many Lap of Love vets are asked often.  And I personally do think that some pets grieve depending on the situation. That is why performing the euthanasia at home not only makes the pet that is passing more peaceful - but it helps the other family members (2 or 4 legged) say goodbye and be apart of the process. 

Dr. Dani allowing time for goodbyes

Dr. Lisa Rodasto (boarded in veterinary behavior) recently wrote a great article on this subject that I wanted to share with everyone.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE! 

Even if you have to put a pet to sleep in the clinic, ask the veterinarian if you can bring the 'sibling' to the appointment so they can be there for their friend. 

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Mary Gardner, DVM
Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice 

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mary Gardner and Annie Golden at Pet Expo

3rd Annual Coconut Creek Dog Expo
Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice

Dr Annie Golden goofing off with our give-aways!

It was a PERFECT Saturday afternoon on January 21st to be at an outdoor Dog Expo in Florida! 

Dr. Annie Golden & a sweet golden

The 3rd Annual Event was awesome!  Drs. Mary Gardner and Annie Golden chatted with dozens of Broward County residents about geriatric pet care, veterinary hospice and in home euthanasia which they both offer in South Florida.   Sure - some people were a little weary to come to the booth, others wished they knew about the services sooner but in the end, more people now know about their options. 

It was held at: Windmill Dog Park (NW 45th Ave - Coconut Creek, FL 33066) - a great little park with a dog area!  Definitely check it out if you live in South Florida!

I have to say that it was probably one of the most well run events that I've been to and I can't wait to go again next year! 

Drs Mary Gardner and Annie Golden

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Mary Gardner, DVM
In Home Hospice and Pet Euthanasia in Florida, NC, TN and soon in Massachusetts!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pet Nutrition Consultation - Home Cooking

Want to Home Cook for your pet or get 
advice about your pet's nutrition? 
You are in the right spot!

Neo waiting to eat his chicken dinner
As a pet parent who cared for a dog going through a terminal illness last year, I know first hand the struggle one goes through to get one's pet to eat  - and eat right when they are not feeling well.

Neo went from eating his typical diet to only wanting wet food.... then he wanted some cat food mixed in.... then I started to home cook for him (he loved his scrambled eggs) but towards the end - he only wanted rotisserie chicken.   

I felt frustrated and powerless against the disease that made my boy inappetent. Plus, I knew he needed the right balance of nutrients to help his immune system fight a good battle.

Two months after Neo passed, we rescued another Doberman who we named Duncan.  My fiancĂ© and I wanted to make sure Duncan was fed the best food possible - and we were committed to cooking it ourselves. The problem was that we didn't know much about making homemade, nutritiously complete pet food. Most of what I learned in veterinary school was what ingredients were in the bags of pet foods!

Jodi and Obi
Through a friend, we found Jodi Ziskin - (Jodi is a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Specialist for cats and dogs who has a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition with a concentration in animal companion studies and is a Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant). 

She helped us formulate a home cooked diet that was not only nutritious and yummy for Duncan, but also easily fit into our lifestyle. I'm not going to sugarcoat it - cooking for a 105 pound dog takes some work - but we found a great diet plan that works! We cook three days worth of food at a time. Duncan loves his food and I feel good knowing that I am providing the best diet possible.

Working with Jodi was great. I wish I knew her when Neo was sick. This is what encouraged Lap of Love to invite Jodi to join us in our goal: to empower and educated families on ALL the things they can do to help their furry loved ones enjoy the best quality of life possible. Even if our time with them is shortened by disease or simply 'old age,' it is important to make sure we meet their nutritional needs.

Jodi offers Skype/Phone consultations with pet parents across the country seeking guidance with their geriatric or terminally ill dog or cat. She will help formulate a diet that not only meets each pet's unique nutritional needs, but their human's schedule as well. For those living in South Florida, Jodi is available for in-home consultations.

Once an appointment is scheduled, we will send you an electronic form to fill out that contains questions about your pet's ailment, current diet and more. Jodi will use this information to prepare for your personalized consult. After your consultation, she will provide you with a written report that you can follow long-term.

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Vet Mary Gardner