Monday, January 2, 2012

Veterinary Oncology Consulations - Lap of Love

Dr. Miller and Annie

Lap of Love announces its new offering of Skype/Phone Consultations with Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist - Dr. Karri Miller 

Most people are surprised to learn that dogs and cats are susceptible to the same types of cancer as humans are. Cancer is the number one reason for death in our companion animals. Some common types of cancer in dogs and cats are lymphoma, osteosarcoma, melanoma, mast cell cancer, prostate cancer and mammary cancer. 

Emily getting chemotherapy

If you have a pet that has been diagnosed with a type of cancer - you will probably feel a multitude of emotions ranging from anger, helplessness, confusion, and sadness.  One of the best things you can do is get properly educated on your pet's disease - so that you know what options you have and what to expect. Many families are nervous about oncology because they relate it directly to human cancer and chemotherapy.  Luckily, therapies for our pets are extremely well tolerated and pets have great quality of lives during treatment. 

Bringing your pet to an Oncologist (a doctor that specialized in cancer) is always the best thing you can do to understand and get fully informed about the disease your pet has.   However, you may not have an oncologist in your immediate area or you simply would like some more information before proceeding to that step. 

Dr. Karri Miller has teamed with Lap of Love to provide Skype and Phone consultations to families across the United States whose pets have been diagnosed with cancer. As a Board Certified Oncologist, she will be able to provide your family with information about cancer, treatment options, and expectations.
Bessie with Dr. Miller after treatment
Dr. Miller received a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science in 2000 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2003.  While in veterinary school at UF, Dr. Miller found that her true passion in veterinary medicine was medical oncology.  She loved that you could extend a pet’s lifespan, while maintaining a very good quality of life.

Lily & Duchess with their favorite Oncologist
 After completing veterinary school, Dr. Miller went on to complete a medical and surgical internship at Texas A&M University and an oncology internship at Regional Veterinary Referral Center outside of Washington DC.   

Dr. Miller then returned to the University of Florida in 2005 to pursue a Masters in Veterinary Science with a focus on veterinary oncology. She received her Masters degree while starting her medical oncology residency at UF’s College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Miller completed her residency in July 2009 and became a board certified member of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine at that time.   

To learn more about Dr. Miller and to schedule a consultation - please click here!


  1. Dr. Miller was invaluable to us as we explored various cancer treatments for our golden retriever, Annie. Dr. Miller was available to answer our questions and helped us determine what quality of life we could ensure for Annie. Annie responded well to the treatments and Dr. Miller stayed on top of Annie's overall health that far exceeded any expectation we had. If you are struggling with how to deal with cancer in your dog or cat, you will be very glad you contacted Dr. Miller. Pam and Tom

  2. Our beloved dog, Callie, was diagnosed with lymphoma a few years ago. We sought the counsel of Dr. Miller and developed a treatment plan that we were comfortable with emotionally and financially. We were able to spend nearly two additional years with Callie. She was quite healthy and happy during that time, and we treasured every moment. We are eternally grateful. Thanks, Dr. Miller. - Jena and Brian


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