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Dana Lewis Lap of Love Raleigh Dog Walk

Dr. Dana Lewis' recap of the 
K9 3K Dog Walk in Raleigh

Dr. Dana Lewis and Myrtle
 The Wake County SPCA in Raleigh, NC is awesome!   They are a no kill shelter that I have been involved with for many years.  I have fostered puppies and kittens for them.  I have volunteered to spay and neuter SPCA adoptees and locally owned pets at their Spay/Neuter Animal Clinic. They even have a Pet Loss Support Group!  I gladly support them in their fundraising efforts! 

Today they had their 13th Annual K9-3K Dog Walk at Moore Square 
and it was a huge success!

 My Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice booth was one of 46 businesses attending and supporting the walkathon.  The goal was to raise $280,000 for homeless pets and they were up to over $247,000 (88% of goal) and STILL have donations coming in from local businesses that were adding part of today’s proceeds to the pot.  They had over 3,000 walkers-how awesome is that?!?!?   I hope they realize their goal so that they can continue their work finding homes for homeless pets!

The event had microchipping courtesy of CareFirst Animal Hospitals and a scavenger hunt sponsored by them that was great fun!  There was a ½ K Senior Walk for aged friends, and dogs with health issues that restricted them from the big walk.  The SPCA Pit Crew (a group of volunteers shining up the image of “pit bulls” and helping them find homes) was well represented by a bunch of lovely volunteers and their pit bull buddies, wearing racing flag bandanas.  They were adora-bull.   

 The dog contests were a big hit including largest dog, smallest dog, best dressed, most spots, and best howler (which would have been best judged when the fire trucks went by, sirens blaring, setting off dozens of dogs at once!).  Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care was in charge of the animal and human first aid station and they did a demo on animal CPR, which was well attended.  And let’s not forget about the beer garden sponsored by Wild Blue, and the food vendors-locally sourced, vegan, or humanely-raised food.  Deeelicious!
A big Irish Wolfound stopped by to visit!

JUST IN - they reached their goal and made over $280,000 today!!!

For those of you who helped make the walkathon a success, you are a superhero to the homeless pet whose life you saved.  Thank you.

Dr. Dana Lewis
Dr. Dana assists families with Pet Hospice and Euthanasia in the Raleigh North Carolina area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the greater Triangle, as well as Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties.)

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