Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lap of Love Video

Lap of Love Video

This year a dear friend of mine created a wonderful song for Lap of Love which exemplifies the bond our clients have with their pets and what our services embrace and honor.

The writer, composer, singer and musician who made the song is Zach Ziskin!  Thank you so much Zack for being able to capture the emotions of all us pet lovers feel when saying goodbye to a furry family member.

Many of the pictures were provided to us by an incredible photographer Robyn Kessler:     She is in the San Francisco area and does weddings, engagement and most importantly (to me at least) pet photography. Robyn had so many amazing pictures she allowed us to choose from – it was a difficult task.

The song and pictures were put together to make the video by Alex Mechlin from Chicago Pet Video. He did a fabulous job arranging everything and creating the finished product.

We hope you enjoy the song, pictures and video!  Thank you again to all involved!

Watch it on Vimeo:

Dr. Mary Gardner
Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice

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