Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mary Gardner Remembers Neo

Mary Gardner's Pet Memorial for Neo

Today is one year since my Doberman Neo passed due to complications from cancer (Cushings).  Although a very sad day to remember, I would like to use this day to remember my boy for the sweet, gentle blessing he was in our lives.

It all started back in 2000.....
A doberman?    Oh heck 'NO'!    I had just lost my 12 yr old Samoyed to an infection following a dog attack by a Rottweiler and at the time  Rottweiler = Doberman!    "Well - if we are going to get one - he needs to be raised with my new Samoyed puppy so there are no future problems."   

And so begins my LOVE of dobermans - red ones in particular!

Neo was born Christmas day 1999 and was a little fire cracker.

He instantly won me over!  And as for getting along with his new sister... well there was no separating the two! 
Neo and Rissa as puppies
Two great minds
So pretty and handsome
Furry pillow!
"What are these stupid bows?"
He also LOVED his pal Herbie!

This is when Herbie was bigger than Neo
And Neo grew! They loved to snuggle

In 2003 we all moved up to Gainesville for Vet School! 
He liked the rural living! 
In the U-Hal on the way to Gainesville
Neo and Serissa loving the G-Ville Life
Neo stood/slept by my side the entire way through school.
Study Break

He even came to school with me a few days to try to figure out his few 'issues'
He was an attentive student
Neo and a tech... such a ladie's man
What issues you ask... well he had:
  • OCD and liked to chew on his leg
  • Low Thyroid
  • Food allergies (he could only have fish)
  • Cancer on his toe (needed that removed)
  • And Dog Aggressive... loved people though
    Nasty Skin issues - we figured it out though! Food Allergies

I survived Vet School!  
And we moved back to South Florida. 
Enjoying Markham Park

He was such a good furry cousin!
His most favorite thing to do however, was to go camping in Georgia with dad! 


But us ladies did love him! 

Serissa, Mary and Neo
Dr. Kim Simons and Neo - that was his 'vet' (the best)
Mary and Neo 
 (I have to admit - seriously good hair day)

Neo after a CT - still a little loopy
 Neo got cancer when he was 10 but he had a great 9 months after diagnosis and did awesome with surgery and chemo. 
To learn more about Neo's fight against cancer - Click Here.
Neo after surgery - sleeping off the anesthesia

To learn more about Cushings - the type of cancer Neo had - Click Here.

He will always watch over me & 
I look forward to the day we meet again!

Posted by:
Mary Gardner, DVM


  1. Awwwwww......that was a BEAUTIFUL tribute to Neo!!! He was such a handsome boy and Serissa is a gorgeous girl!! The pics of Neo were SO cute....he must have had a wonderful reflects in all the shots you took of him! He looked silly! I'm sure that it broke your heart just to go thru his pictures, and made you miss him all over again! At least they brought back all the good memories as well. You lost that sweet boy way too soon! Cancer is so unexpected and cruel...but at least he brought a smile to your life and will always live in your heart! My sympathies a year after....Claudia Rysdon

  2. What a touching and sweet tribute! I remember Neo, he was so affectionate and fun, I fell in love with him instantly despite originally being a little nervous around dobermans (a fear which, upon meeting him -- the first real dobie I'd known in person -- disappeared in 4 minutes). I love the photos you picked here, he has the best expressions. And he and his sis were tight! Thank you for sharing this beautiful walk down memory lane.

  3. Mary, this was a beautiful tribute to Neo. ~dr Kim

  4. Thanks everyone... he was such a good good... and so silly. Finding all his pictures made me smile. One of my favorites is the one of him sleeping on the couch... he was conked out! And the one of him and my niece with all his mardi gras beads. What a trooper! He was such a good ambassador for the breed. Mary

    1. You beautiful tribute tugged at my heart, yes making me cry but also smile! ;) LOVE OUR BEST FURRY COUSINS FOREVER pic - she loved dressing Neo up with everything she got! ;) HE'S SUCH A GOOD TROOPER letting her 'cause his LOVE IS FOREVER! :) Thank you Mary for posting. <3Valerie

  5. Yoops - I meant to say he was a good boy! Or maybe GOOD GOOD boy! :)

  6. Beautiful tribute...pets make life worth living...

  7. Jennifer M. and SolomonNovember 27, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    thanks for sharing this.... :) love study break pic with his crooked teeth hanging out... you have lots of great memories of him. thanks for sharing them!

  8. What a beautiful dog! I love dobermans, one of my favorite breeds, hope to have one some day. so sorry for your loss of Neo, but he was one lucky pooch to have you by his side through it all. . .


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