Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lap of Love at Hollywood Dog Expo

Lap of Love At Local Dog Event In South Florida

Although the day started with some rain... which turned to drizzle.. it did finally stop raining and Dr. Nicole Sabo was able to meet many dogs and families at the Dog Bowl 2012 on Saturday February 4th at TY Park in Hollywood, Florida! 
The Dog Bowl 2012 was a doggie themed fundraiser benefiting Boxer Friends, Inc. a nonprofit South Florida dog rescue group.


Dr. Nicole was able to teach families about options for caring for their geriatric pets - especially when they are reaching the hospice phase.  She was also able to spread the word about In Home Euthanasia options available in the Miami Dade - Broward and Palm Beach areas.  Not enough people know about the option of saying goodbye to their friends at home.

And look who stopped by for a visit! Ms. Sydney! Looking so pretty and well behaved... lucky for her that her mom is also a dog trainer! :-)
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Thanks to all that stopped by!   Next pet expo we will be at is Lighthouse Point Dog Day in the park on March 24th 2012 at Dan Witt Park!

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Mary Gardner, DVM
Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and In Home Euthanasia

Drs Dell, Sabo, Gardner, Golden and Simons help families in  all Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties with dog and cat hospice and in home euthanasia.

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