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Lap of Love Pet Hospice Speaks at NAVC

Lap of Love Presents at  
North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC)

Close to 16,000 people attended NAVC January 14 - 18th 2012 - and some of those attendees were Lap of Love veterinarians

It all started when Dr. Dani and I were asked in the Spring of 2011 if we would present at NAVC 2012... OF COURSE!    The conference asked for 2 hours on vet hospice and 2 hours on pet euthanasia.  This was a tall order, but if anyone could do it - we could!  

However, we thought that this would also be a good opportunity to have an exhibit booth so that more veterinarians across the country would learn about Lap of Love and we would be able to teach them (one on one) about how to make end of life care better for their clients and patients.

Having a booth is no easy task!  

First we arrived Saturday morning to a crazy 20,000 sq ft area with fork lifts zooming by and rugs covered in shrink wrap. 

This is how our booth first looked (thanks Dr. Kim for modeling the table for us):

  But with a little but of magic - we turned it into this:
I was ready to nap by the fire after setting this up

Drs Cherie and Kim
The other great thing about the conference - was that we got to spend time with some of our awesome Lap of Love vets! 
Drs Tiffany and James Mosley
So how did the presentations go?   First - check out the size of our room - it's massive and daunting:

Although we didn't fill the room up - we did have over 200 people in each session. Which is a lot - especially after lunch!

Dr. Dani McVety speaking on Veterinary Hospice

Once that was over - we were able to relax and enjoy the rest of the conference.

Dr. Mary Gardner gets a visit from her favorite Wildlife professor Dr. Darryl Heard

Dr. Dani takes a well deserved 20 mins in the massage chair (nice to have them in the booth next to us).
I don't know if they will invite us back next year?

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  1. That booth looks amazing!! I wish I was there, it really looks like an incredible time.


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