Monday, October 1, 2012

Blessing Of The Animals

My 9 yr old niece Bridget went to a 'Blessing of the Animals' (with her dog Cookie) this past weekend and I thought I would share her comments and pictures - it is too cute!

How old is cookie? Cookie is almost two

What kind of dog is cookie?  Cookie is a Brussels Griffon.

Where was the Blessing of the Animals?  The Blessing of the Animals was at Saint Joseph's Episcopal Church in Boynton Beach Florida.

How many animals do you think were there?  More than one hundred. 

What kind of animals did you see? There where tons of dogs and cats but there where also rabbits, horses, lamas, guinea pigs, and  goats. There was also a police dog who was given an award.

What do you think the ‘blessing of the animals means’? I think blessing of the animals means that if anything where to happen to your animal, like it getting sick or injured, God and Saint Francis will be watching over them

How will this help cookie?  I think it will help Cookie by keeping him healthy and happy.

What religion do you think Cookie is and why? I think Cookie is Christian because we are all Christian and he was raised as a Christian puppy.

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Dr. Mary Gardner
Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice - South Florida

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